The Eco Island Group was formed as a result of the need to create a more sustainable, diverse, inclusive and equitable Bermuda. We are strong advocates for sustainability and sustainable development, and there is nothing more that we would like to see than for our island home to be an example to the rest of the world on what a sustainable island can look like. We believe that businesses possess the power to make a substantial impact on sustainability. As a result, we have developed boutique services for businesses, from small to large, to be empowered and to tap into the many opportunities available to them to create a more sustainable island. Whether it’s implementing sustainability into your business operations or wanting to form strategic partnerships with social and environmental organisations we can guide you on this journey.

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Environmental Stewardship and Social Impact

We also have an affinity for the natural environment and a desire to want to protect it. We strongly believe that early exposure fosters stewardship as people will protect the places that they love. To this end, it is also our goal to encourage and support as many people, and as young as possible to connect to the natural environment. See how you can get involved below.

Our Paddle With Purpose Program is a program designed to provide youth who may not normally have access, the opportunity to explore the marine environment in an intentional way.

We have designed two programs for young islanders between the ages of 10 – 18 years old.

There is a group for you to get out there and have some fun! Travels and Paddles saw an opportunity to get a group of friendly people together who are interested in paddling and other adventures. Yep, you heard me right. Our Paddles Up: Bermuda Kayaking and Paddleboarding Group was formed as a natural extension of providing more inspiration to those wanting to try something new and connect to the natural environment. We are a friendly group who meet up to have paddle adventures, inspiring each other along the way. We are currently based in Bermuda, but all are welcome. We have exciting experiences curated for the upcoming season!

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