Paddle With Purpose

I created the Paddle With Purpose program as I saw an opportunity to get more people involved in the marine environment who may have not had access or not considered it previously. As I spent more and more time outdoors, I began to notice a lack of diversity in marine activities. Hence, the idea for Paddle With Purpose was born. The Program uses the enormous power of travel and tourism to empower the local community in Bermuda, in particular, our youth. Working with at-risk youth in my adult life, I have a heart for young people and providing them with opportunities.

The Program provides easy access to the marine environment for underserved youth aged 10 – 18 through experiential learning.

A percentage from all our Paddle Experiences goes towards the Paddle With Purpose Program. We accomplish our mission by working with volunteers, interns and other non-profits that help to conserve and protect the marine environment.

Paddle With Purpose Programs

Eco Explorers

This program is for ages 10-15. Young islanders will participate in a one-week program. They will engage in paddling skills and a variety of ocean activities.

Eco Leaders

This program is for ages 16-18 where young people will assist with leading our paddle excursions, empowering them with economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. They will engage in creating sustainable solutions to enhance our ocean and natural environments.

Paddle With Purpose Program

Our Program Supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


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